Good day.

weather is perfect once again, I am loving it so much. Next week will be my last week here in Sachigo Lake, I am moving out to start on a new career, I hope things will go fine out there. Michigan Draft is another good hockey program, these guys¬†have been calling me to come down and put two or three teams together. I was kind of tempted to go but I got other plans. I’ll be coming back up this way for try out camps if all goes well. Only if I get the approval. I am sure it’ll be okay. World hockey center is still happening, for those of you planning to come down,should register towards end of august..main camps for both Shelburne and Alliston begin last week in August until league games start. I have to keep in mind on some advices Joe gave me to save myself some headaches..they re good,nothing negative..u all be good..oh yeah, on team website,i ll be calling the league to update on the players that have committed to Shelburne red wings this coming season.Looking for head coach for alliston..

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2 Responses to Good day.

  1. Jobber of the North says:

    Congradulations Dean…
    Hope you make it all the way to the BIG Show…

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