Good morning world.

Walkers left for thunder bay around 7ish this am. I believe they will be joined by other walkers from various communities along the way. Good luck and prayers to them for safety, strength and courage.

If you would like to pledge there are forms available some where .. i am not the contact person for this exciting venture..but i will donate too..why not since it is for a good cause,number to call is 807 595 2577 ask for stan l tait..other than that things are going well as far as i know.. I had a dream that almost made me scream for help early this morning,forgot i was enjoying my sleep..such nasty dream..but its all cool only a dream..maybe some one is mad at me ..cant be..I jumped out of bed and it was only 5 30ish..maybe goose is sending me a message..we are coming yr way soon..jk..have a nice day people.

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