hey hello how about this fine looking weather that is making me look so brown?..lol..anyway its sort of quiet on my side of town, kitten keeps me busy tho, she will attack me now n then when she s done snoozing on her pouch..she loves it, seen her jumping around it this morning..not sure what was in it, prolly a mosquito, but she seemed very hyper about it..some times she would jump away..anyway I still got stuff to do here, work to do..breakfast at the rc was good, I went and had me a big meal and it was good..pancakes with local blueberries..and bacon..it was just right .. hockey, hockey is just around the corner..wonder whos gonna win it all..im still an Ottawa senators fan..not sure how good they will be this year..bobby ryan wasn’t much help last year..good thing those younger players played their hearts out for the team,had a good exciting run down the stretch to get into the play offs..awesome I d say for a team that’s been rebuilding..k..next year I am working for a team that is closer to home..right now,pay to play league is too expensive for many of our local talented players , yes if they had the funds to be there,there would be whole whack of them..just my thoughts..k…you all be good..bbl…

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