Good morning ..what ever is left of it..

whackity whack whack, I got the hockey fever boiling I read a message from a friend that is from over seas, she is Russian,i got to know her thro hockey alliston coyotes, she asks so many questions she will be going to school in Toronto some ryan university or what ever its called..this cutie is looking so I promised that I d come by at her apartment once she arrives in Canada and settles hope she realizes that I am kidding around, I ll have to inform nikita about this, he was always laughing n would say y u not take her? just thought I’d share,nothing serious.. she also plays hockey..better than most of us up other than that josh decided not to go to his team that drafted him due to funding issues..i feel for him,if I had the funds I d help him out..few bucks wouldn’t hurt eh?..k..i guess I should go eat my lunch now before I starve to death..u all have a good day.

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