good morning

Hello Knet world,

Life is alright,still busy as ever,keeping a low profile,i am still doing hockey and recruiting,but money dont come easy for many..i understand that,ventured to other markets..little harder getting the usa players to come play in canada..some will do no prob but others like to stay closer to home..other than that fishing was good last night,i got one pickeral out of the water,had many nibbles,lost prolly bout 4 or 5..enjoyed life out there..i had trouble sleeping last night too,something did not feel i got up to watch a movie and i fell asleep just like that..jumped out of bed this morning,then lost my van keys,cat knocked them down behind the dryer..good thing seen my ottawa cap sticking out so i decided to reach for it..there it was..kicked the cat out for now,no home for her for awhile until boss comes home tmrw…u all have a good day.


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