Life is hot,i like it cus i usually freeze my butt off during the winter. I would cuss and swear away,throw a little mini fit here and there..lol..well anyway it was extreme for me, i worked out at the little gym,it was heat stroke type of work out i had to stop once so i can get some cool air,i tried anyway, it was so dry and humid,i barely made it to 45 minutes before i ran outta there,got into my swim boxers on and went for quick dive..like good for 15 minutes..I enjoyed it until i started shivering cus i was wondering about the mud sharks,what if?? if they swallowed me or bit my leg off..yucky stuff but i know it s ridiculous..no such things out there but u nvr know..lol..have a good day,people! I am still on the hockey recruiting mission for team in gmhl..for a good team in gmhl..cost is not as high like some teams – will ridiculously over do it..but have a nice day..

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